Dear Farmers,

Dear farmers,
If you have a farm or production located in Great Britain or the EU countries and you do not have enough workers for harvesting and other work on the farm, our company HealthyAgro in Ukraine has more than 2000 employees working in the agricultural sector. On the condition of early booking, we can send up to 400 our specialists to Great Britain and the EU countries for seasonal work on harvesting and other types of work. We employ hard-working, disciplined employees and you will be satisfied with the quality of their work.

All our employees have experience in working at agricultural farms, we provide the staff with comfortable uniforms, if necessary we provide them with accommodation, meals and transfer to the workplace. When ordering a large number of employees, we manage the work of the team.

If you need workers on the farm, fill out the form below.

You can get guaranteed employees if you apply in advance.

Smiling farmer with a box of fresh vegetables